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Bishop’s Annual Appeal letters have been sent out from the Raleigh Diocese.  The BAA is our opportunity to have an impact on the physical and spiritual lives in our parish as well as those in great need across Eastern North Carolina.  Nearly 58,000 people were served by Catholic Charities alone last year.  The BAA is also the primary funding to support Seminarians, Campus Ministry Centers and so much more.  Our theme for this year is One Family in Christ.  We ask that you respond to the mailing with your gift or pledge.  You can also learn more and donate online at  Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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Food and Music Festival Website. 

Festival Date:

To be announced, 2021

Mass Intentions Continue!

This is to advise that we are still taking mass intentions at our parish.  Your intentions will be prayed for at daily masses and our livestreamed weekend masses.  

The suggested donation remains $10, as your parish continues to need your financial support during these uncertain times.  

All stipends go towards our parish sustenance.  

We thank you for your patience and know that our prayers are with you, our parish family.


Intenciones de Misa Siguen!

Le informarmos que todavía tomamos intenciones de misa en nuestra parroquia. Sus intenciones serán ofrecidas en nuestras misas diarias y de fin de semana.   

La donación es $10, ya que su parroquia sigue necesitan do su apoyo financiero durante estos tiempos inciertos.

Todos los estipendios se utilizan para el sustento de la parroquia.  
Le agradecemos su paciencia y sabemos que nuestros rezos están con ustedes, nuestra familia de la parroquia.

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