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Recommended Resources 

Catholic Answers

The premier website for all things Catholic, with a vast archive of materials on virtually every aspect of the Catholic faith.

Catholics Come Home

If you are a Catholic interested in returning to the Church, this is a great place to start.

St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

A research and educational institute promoting transformative Scripture study in the Catholic tradition.


The global Catholic television and radio network, with many programs ideal for those seeking to learn more about the Catholic faith.

The Holy See (Vatican)

The most-visited Catholic website in the world.

Word on Fire

The online ministry of Bishop Robert Barron, popular author and creator of the landmark Catholicism series.

Strange Notions

A unique place of charitable dialogue between Catholic and atheists.

The Coming Home Network International

Helping non-Catholic clergy and lay people come home and be at home in the Catholic Church through online forums, "The Journey Home" program, retreats, and more.

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