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Liturgical Ministries 

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Altar Servers

Altar servers assist in the celebration of the Mass by providing special assistance to the priest. This ministry enables the server to learn more about the sacrifice of the Mass and teaches them love and respect for God.

Requirements: Boys and girls who received their First Communion are invited to join the altar servers. Training will be provided.

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English: Mary Flores 

Please feel free to contact: (919) 880-2683

Spanish: Adriana Avila

Please feel free to contact: (919) 827-6945

Spanish: Elizabeth Tinoco

Please feel free to contact: (919) 266-7810

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Commentators the congregation, and introduce the theme of the mass, celebratory priest, and readers.  Lectors proclaim the Sacred Scripture Readings at Mass. They devote time and preparation to understanding the Word of God so that all may hear and be open to God transforming their lives.

Requirements: Fully initiated Catholic (having received Baptism, Communion and Confirmation) in good standing with the church.

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English: Gail Hernandez

Please feel free to contact: 919 365-7114, Ext. 200

Spanish: Bessy Raudales

Please feel free to contact: 919 444-5189

Spanish: Yiseel Flores

Please feel free to contact: 919 269-0118

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Extraordinary Ministers

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are commissioned to assist in the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass.

Requirements: Must be a parishioner of Saint Eugene who is a fully initiated member of the Church, having received the Sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, and Confirmation. A love for the Eucharist is also an obvious prerequisite. Special training and certification by the Diocese is provided and required for this ministry.

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English: Mary Monck

Please feel free to contact: 919 630-5447

Spanish: Belkys Ramirez

Please feel free to contact: 201 709-2948

Spanish: Eudocio Durazno

Please feel free to contact: 919 232-7771

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Music Ministry

The Music Ministry is made up of Parishioners who wish to pray and praise the Lord through song.  Different choirs and musicians use their cultural backgrounds as the foundation for their music.  Members sing at all of the Masses, seasonal concerts and occasionally community events.  Although the choirs usually sing separately at Mass in either language, we come together to celebrate Holy Days with bilingual Masses where all are welcome to make a joyful noise. 

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English: Jennifer Hebert

Please feel free to contact: 919 365-7114, Ext. 204

Spanish: Luis Felipe Ruiz

Please feel free to contact: 919 426-9225

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Ushers and Ministers of Hospitality are often the first persons that

people meet when they come to church.  The Ushers & Ministers of Hospitality welcome people at the door, providing them with the necessary books and worship aids, helping them find their seats and directing processions. 

Requirements: A commitment to whichever Mass you attend and availability throughout the year. 

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English: Ruth van der Grinten

Please feel free to contact: 919 365-7212

Spanish: Francisco Lara

Please feel free to contact: 919 413-3309

Spanish: Rodrigo Huerta

Please feel free to contact: 919 390-4735

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